About Us

PETSYNC EDUCATION SERVICES: Syncing Pet Safety and Shared Communities through E-Learning

PETSYNC EDUCATION SERVICES has introduced a world-class E-Learning system for companies and individuals through cutting edge technology. Our goal is to bring pet safety education to shared communities and thereby decrease the number of dog attacks that result in insurance claims, worker's compensation payments, liability and pet euthanasia.

The Technology

The award-winning group at Designing Digitally took on the challenge to deliver PETSYNC’s Path to Responsible Dog Ownership series in a more engaging medium than a paper pamphlet. Starting with PETSYNC’s Living with a Dog in a Shared Community, the design team built a learning module that employs 3D images and animations, dynamic scenes, interactive assessments and links to external resources, as well as customized downloadable documents. The result is a unique and revolutionary approach to learning about the responsibilities of pet ownership in a shared community. The use of HTML5 technologies allows the course to be displayed on personal computers as well as on mobile devices without the need to install native applications.

The Simulated Scenarios

Simulating a scenario in which a user follows a member of a shared community with a new pet, the PETSYNC: Living with a Dog in a Shared Community learning module includes a multiplex menu system to access information in a variety of ways. This gives users the ability to choose either the immersive scenario-based E-Learning experience, or a quicker, and more direct avenue, to both the learning material and quizzes.

PETSYNC Education Services offers "The Guide to Responsible Dog Ownership" e-learning Series for dog owners.

The series includes sessions relating to:

  • Dog bite prevention
  • Animal cruelty and the family dog
  • Barking dog complaints
  • Leash law
  • Guidelines of gated and shared communities and more

The topics are taught through e-learning channels, and focus on how to identify and avoid potentially hazardous situations. The objective is to minimize the number of dog attacks that result in unwanted insurance claims, worker's compensation payments, liability and pet euthanizing. Employers can select in person consultations or online seminars through a subscription model of service.

The Results

The virtual world of PETSYNC allows users to learn about pet safety and responsible pet ownership by freely walking around in a fully virtual world, interacting with characters and taking assessments. PETSYNC is taking pet safety education to a whole new level.


As a metropolitan Animal Control officer, Clark Brown has seen hazardous situations when someone’s work brings them into contact with dogs. The dog bite statistics are high, and for years Brown felt that employers needed a way to not only identify potentially threatening situations for workers, but to educate employees as well as pet owners so that fewer dog attacks occur.

Brown’s experience with dogs comes from his work as an independently contracted animal behaviorist and trainer for major motion pictures and television shows. Moreover, he has trained dog owners and handlers with puppies and untrained adult dogs to obtain internationally recognized Working Titles and Temperament Test Certifications including: Schutzhund I thru III, WH, BH, AD, IPO, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Temperament Test (TT) titles. One of the first steps he took toward developing PETSYNC Education Services was his creation of the Camp Canine Obedience Workshops, a series of classes specifically tailored to train dogs in obedience and attentiveness.

Brown is a passionate anti-euthanasia advocate. PETSYNC is poised to become the premiere tool for pet safety education.