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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, nearly one in two U.S. property renters own pets.

As a property management company, landlord, rental manager, condominium association board member, property manager or someone who simply rents or leases out units, you probably have legitimate concerns about renting properties to pet owners and understand the importance of the health, safety and happiness of all your tenants.

PETSYNC Education Services understands your concerns and has a solution that can help your company reduce liability and insurance costs by promoting and educating pet owners about responsible pet ownership , which in turn will improve the quality of life for your entire pet-loving community through our subscription model e-learning solutions.

The module Living With a Dog in a Shared Community introduces renters and members of homeowner associations to the basic considerations and strategies on how to handle a dog in a shared community. Specifically, the module emphasizes the need for dog owners to:

  • Understand and comply with the community¿s pet policy before bringing a dog into the shared space
  • Provide proper medical care to the dog before the pet joins the community
  • Possess a good understanding of leash laws and dog waste disposal requirements
  • Communicate with neighbors and other dog owners
  • Prevent dogs from escaping from enclosures
  • Realize that some common areas are not appropriate for dogs
  • Be mindful of noise ordinances that regulate excessive dog barking

As e-learners immerse themselves into a virtual neighborhood in our training modules, they follow a tenant on her journey to becoming a responsible dog owner. Using a combination of role-play scenarios and interactive exercises, e-learners become sensitized to issues pertaining to dog ownership and interactions with neighbors and other dog owners.

At the conclusion of the module, e-learners demonstrate their newly acquired skills by completing a brief quiz. They then receive a personalized certificate of completion. The results of the quiz can be forwarded to property management organizations requiring the certification of their tenants.

To learn more about how PETSYNC Education Services can help you and your property management communities with healthier, happier dog ownership, feel free to contact us to learn more.